“Am/Can Ch Jovi’s Wild at Heart”  aka Maverick
  . . . Wow!  I am Golden Gorgeous!
“Am/Can Ch Jovi’s Wild at Heart”  aka Maverick
  . . . Wow!  I am Golden Gorgeous!
“Am/Can Ch Jovi’s Wild at Heart”  aka Maverick
  . . . Wow!  I am Golden Gorgeous!
“Am/Can Ch Jovi’s Wild at Heart”  aka Maverick
  . . . Wow!  I am Golden Gorgeous!
Out of Ch Pulali Stetson Fits SDHF, OS  X Jovi’s Canyon de ChellyCalamity Jane’s liter mates   . . . “What a day for a daydream we are off for a ride”
Goldens love everyone!  Children, adults, family members, friends and strangers.  
Their best friend of the moment is anyone willing to pet, cuddle or play with them. 
They are drawn to people in need, especially those who are ill or sad. 
They are loyal and they simply have a great big heart with room enough for all!
Out of Ch Sonora’s Suit Yourself  X Jovi’s Krispy Kreme’s Delight CDX,RA      . . . “ OoLa La Yummies!”
Out of Ch Hillock Bad as I Wanna Be  X Jovi’s Canyon de ChellyPearl Bailey and sisters   . . . “We loved to be oogled over we 4 sisters of Rodman N Chey”
Out of  Am/Can Ch Hillock Meredreme Jovi’s Doo-Wop NA,NAJ X Jovi’s Calamity Jane, RN  Ziva and Koda’s liter mates
Koda - “Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s off to eat we go!”
Koda - After dinner :)

You cannot tolerate a lifetime of playfulness.
You are looking for a sedate pet.
You cannot tolerate water, mud, hair and slobber.
You like a spotless home.
You are not willing to make your Golden Retriever part of your family.
You or a family member have allergies.
You are looking for a watch dog or guard dog.
You cannot afford the costs of veterinary care, training and nutrition.
You are not willing to accept a commitment for the next 10-15 years.

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Upcoming Litters
    Puppy Reservation Process and Information

  • Contact me either by e-mail or phone 623 465 7245 and arrange to visit.

  • We require $500 deposit when you get on our list the balance when the pups are born.(non refundable) 

  • Contracts are signed when the puppy goes home.

  • A copy of our contract is included in the information packet which I will email you, so that you may read it carefully and ask any questions you may have. 

  • You will be put on my waiting list when I have approved your questionnaire ,visited & paid the $200 deposit. (non refundable)  

  • Please note: While we will try our very best to get you a puppy from the litter you are interested in, being put on the waiting list does not guarantee you will receive a puppy from a particular litter. There are simply to many variables involved in placing puppies to promise anyone a particular puppy from a particular litter. Things such as litter size, how many show puppies are in a litter, sex of the puppies available etc. are simply a few of the variables. In some cases, especially with small litters their may be NO pet puppies available if all the puppies seem to be show quality. If it happens that there is not puppy available from the particular litter you are waiting for you have the option of waiting for the next litter.

  • We always reserve the right to decide who receives one of our puppies. Finding the right home for each puppy is of utmost importance to me. 

  • You ALWAYS have the right to decide not to take a puppy even at the last minute. I never want anyone to feel that they must take a puppy once they have been put on the waiting list. 

  • Show/performance quality puppies are ALWAYS chosen first and their placement takes priority over the choosing of pet puppies. This is in part due to the particular requirements for show puppies. 

  • Show quality puppies are ONLY placed in homes where We feel they will be shown.  

  • As a rule I will be the one choosing which puppies go to which homes. This is of course done in close consultation with the puppy buyer to insure that everyone gets the puppy who best fits their requirements.  

  • If none of the puppies available are suitable you may wait for the next litter or go to another breeder. I am always happy to make referrals to other reputable breeders. 

  • Puppies usually will go home between 8 - 9 weeks depending on when I am able to determine which puppies are potential show dogs and if the pups are mature enough to go home.  

TK Christmas
TK Christmas

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AKC Breeder of Merit
Golden Puppies from 
Champion “James Dean” and 
“Calamity Jane CD,RA”& Valentina RN”
(623) 465-7245    
Fine Golden Retrievers - Desert Hills, AZ 
Jovi's Golden Retrievers
Jovi's Golden Retrievers

Expecting Puppies 
towards end of July!

Our "breeding practice"-  

We breed only a few times a year. Our aim in breeding is to produce the perfect golden in type and temperament. We breed only animals with OFA hips, elbow, heart clearances and  CERF eye clearance. All pet puppies are sold on a limited AKC registration basis and a spay neuter contract. Females to be spayed after one to two heats and males not before a year.                $3500  Please confirm
Contact Us 
for next litter due.
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