Our passion for Golden Retrievers led us to our "Golden Heart Ranch" where our kids have room to stretch their legs and play.

We breed selectively only a few times a year and to champion stock.  All of our dogs have earned an AKC title or two.  We believe that working with each of them helps them be well adjusted and well socialized and it shows.
Keeping comfortable in the Dry Heat" we offer air conditioning/heat and shade and a place for 4 legged kids to exercise and play
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"Golden Heart Ranch" - Golden Retrievers
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We are members of the 
  • Golden Retriever Club of America, 
  • The Copperstate Australian Terrier Club, Phoenix Field and Obedience, 
  • The Sporting Dog Club of Arizona, 
  • Valle Del Sol Golden Retriever Club where Vivien has been an active board member since 1998, holding positions as secretary, member at large, Vice President and President.
We abide by the code of ethics of all of these clubs.

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Vivien Gilli
Jovi's Goldens 
306 E Desert Hills Drive
Desert Hills, AZ  85086
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When you buy a Jovi’s puppy, your are buying a piece of our family. Not only are our puppies the focus of our lives and energy for the first two months of their lives, but they also represent our commitment to and knowledge of golden retrievers.  All of our puppies come from healthy, well-conformed parents with sound bodies and temperaments. 
The pups are raised in the living area of our home or apartment so they are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of family life. Jovi’s puppies are handled and socialized from birth, with daily individual attention. They are also socialized with other dogs.  By the time they go home at eight to ten weeks, they have been introduced to their housebreaking and simple obedience training, and been in crates. 
Our goal is to carefully place each pup with a well-suited family, ideally, in a working or competition home. In addition, some of our pups each year become family companions in active homes. We make every effort to match each owner or family with the pup that best suits him or her. To do this, we gather information from prospective owners about their life style, experience in dogs, and expectation for their pup.  We also keep careful records of each puppy's reactions and personality to assist in placement.  During their seventh week, we have other breeders evaluate the puppies' temperaments. In the eighth week, we have a breeder or judge evaluation their conformation. 
Jovi’s puppies receive the best of care while they are with us. They are raised naturally, nursing as long as their mother will allow and transitioning to a balanced diet as weaning begins. To protect their immature immune systems, the pups receive only a single puppy shot vaccine while they are with us. We send them home with strong recommendations for follow up titers and vaccinations. The pups are checked for worms and wormed if recommended.. Each pup also receives an individual examination by our veterinarian, a skilled practitioner. 
We have a lifetime commitment to all of the puppies we breed. We expect to remain in contact with our puppy owners throughout the dog's life (and often beyond) so it is important you feel as comfortable with Joe and I as you do with our dogs. We provide information on the successes and health of each pup's parents and relatives, as well as suggestions on training, showing, and, if appropriate, breeding.  We try to gather each litter together around their first birthday for a celebration, and hope every puppy and family can join us. 
We will take any dogs of our breeding back at any time for any reason and will place the animal into a new, loving home. 

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AKC Breeder of Merit

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Fine Golden Retrievers - Desert Hills, AZ 
Jovi's Golden Retrievers
Jovi's Golden Retrievers

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